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Finding joy in the peace

There may be joy without peace....and peace without joy....but the two combined make happiness. John Buchan

It's our winter get away to Tybee Island. For 11 years now, we have been trading our beautiful Harpers Ferry for another beautiful place. It gives us time to recharge, rest and as the headline says - find joy in the peace.

It's relatively quite here this time of year - we often say we can't imagine how crazy it is in the summer. For us, we like the quiet and the time to soak it all in.

As beautiful as our lives are in Harpers Ferry, things are hectic - aren't they for most people? I keep telling myself to slow down and appreciate the beauty....the joy....the peace. Most of the time I don't give myself permission to do that. However, here on Tybee I try very hard to allow myself to do just find joy in the peace.

We hear those phrases all the time - slow down, enjoy yourself, life isn't a race - but oh my, that is so hard. I find that I have to make a totally conscious effort to do that - it doesn't come naturally for me. I think maybe that is why photography has become such a joy for me. It makes me slow down, look for the beauty and find joy in the peace!

On one of our walks around the island, I noticed these balls on this tree - and I loved them! They just hung - all over the tree - they looked magical to me! When I shared this photo with my husband later he was astonished. I laughed and said - sometimes you have to look for the beauty!

If you are reading this, then you have found my blog on The Vintage Lady website. I hope to keep blogging, sharing with you my photography and my joys. Until next time, thanks for stopping by!

Peace and Joy,


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