The Vintage Lady Thanks a Teacher

The Vintage Lady Thanks A Teacher

To Teach is to Touch Lives

Mrs. Rayme Kessel, …… might not recognize her name, but I bet you have someone like her in your memories.  She was one of many teachers who truly touched my life.  Mrs. Kessel was my second grade teacher – you know, that important year in your life when you learn CURSIVE!  She was also my teacher for the nine months our family eagerly awaited the birth of my baby brother!  Regardless of how old I was, when I would see Mrs. Kessel in later years, she still made me feel like I was the only student she ever had… special and loved…..just like she did when I was that little 8 year old girl in her classroom.

Mrs. Kessel, along with so many other teachers, gave me tools not only to learn but to help me on this journey called life….to truly love learning and reading and exploring and questioning…. and not to be afraid to stand up for myself.  They taught me to be kind and respectful…..and to be nice to other people, even if they were “different.”   They taught me to always “Reach for the Sky!”

During “Teacher Appreciation Week,” my mind wanders back to Ripley Elementary and the way I felt when Mrs. Kessel greeted me at the door, with a loving smile and open arms and supportive environment where I could learn, explore and question. Thank you Mrs. Kessel… touched my life.

Thank Your FIRST Teacher… Your Mom!

It’s interesting that Teacher Appreciation Week and Mother’s Day are so close…..a coincidence?  It think not!  Our mothers are our first teachers.  From teaching us that the stove is HOT……to the fact throwing rocks causes pain (especially to the thrower)… teaching us to become good mothers ourselves.

My own mother is truly an inspiration.  She grew up knowing what hard work was as she spent her childhood on a dairy farm.  She succeeded in a job, that at the time, belonged to “men.”  She fought cancer and not only WON…..but laughed in its face, especially when she would take off her wig and laugh at her shiny scalp.  She never met a stranger……she would do anything….for anyone… any time.  She loves God, her family, her friends and Eli Manning.  Thank you mom……you continually touch my life.

And….the New Generation of “Mothers”

The Ones Who Gave Me My Granddaughters!

Being a mother is never more wonderful……than when you have grandchildren! They bless your life and soften your heart and bring a smile to your face at just the mere thought of them!  I have been blessed with three granddaughters…..lovely, smart, funny, caring Kelsey who will be graduating high school on May 30 (sniff, sniff)……beautiful, kind, giving, considerate, precious Gracie who plays soccer, basketball, piano, and knows more about my phone and computer than I do, will be 9 in June……and little Hannah who just turned five…..a crazy, quirky, sweet, silly, dramatic, adorable, “marches to her own drummer”  fashionista!

Thank you to their special teachers……for being their “Mrs. Kessel”……and thank you to their mothers…..Laura and Angela……for teaching them all the things that only a mom can teach you and for sharing them with me!
All of you……have touched my life!

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