Take Me Home…to the place I love! West Virginia!

I love West Virginia. All of her.  The hills, the hollers, the rivers, the cricks. All the “wild and wonderful” she has to offer!

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I love her big cities as well as Big Ugly (in Lincoln county, yes it’s a real place, I can’t make this stuff up).  When I was a teacher at Harts High School – they would announce “the Big Ugly bus is now here…the Big Ugly students are dismissed.”

I love getting lost on the back roads and Lost River State Park (Hardy county and the river really isn’t lost).

I love seeing Saddleback Mountain (near the birthplace of Nancy Hanks….Abraham Lincoln’s mother – but you knew who she was, right?) as we drive to  Davis and Thomas – two of my favorite towns.

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I love the “crick” that runs behind the Hutte in Helvetia(if you haven’t been there then you need to go – google it).

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I love to walk around the beautiful grounds of Cedar Lakes in my hometown of Ripley or hike the hills of my “other” hometown of Harpers Ferry.






And…I love her people and the amazingly beautiful handcrafts they make.  At our shop,  I literally swell up with pride when I share with visitors the talents of some of our WV artisans.  And believe me…at 57, it is better “swelling up” with pride than around the ankles.

So, I decided to take sharing my love of West Virginia one step further.  As much as I promote WV artisans in our shop I wanted to reach others.

Thus “Take Me Home…Mountain Made Memories” was born.

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This new “adventure” is kind of like a subscription box – without the subscription part (not quite yet).  Each box allows you to get a little taste of West Virginia, whether you live local or have moved away –


and makes great gifts for friends and family who long for West Virginia handcrafts.

You can select a box that we have put together….or create your own!  We will ship to the address you provide.  Yep….it really is that easy!

Each box comes with an information card about the artist and their work.

We will continue to add new items – and if you happen to be one of those talented West Virginia artisans and think you might want to be part of this – just give us a call!

The boxes –  with prices –  will be listed under the “gallery” section at the top of the page.

Yes – just go to the top of this page and click on it – then click on Take Me Home.

Substitutions based on availability.

Applicable taxes apply as well as shipping costs.

To order

Call:  The Vintage Lady – our brick and mortar store – 304-535-1313

or contact us at:  hello@takemehomewv.net

Taste of West Virginia $29

Taste of West Virginia

J. Q. Dickinson Salt

The Cottage of Herbs Dips

Gourmet Central Food



Wild and Wonderful $30

Wild and Wonderful

A History of West Virginia book

Mountaineer Coal Creations

Church View Farm soap

The Cottage of Herbs dips


Mountain Mama $28

Mountain Mama

Creekside Candle

Church View Farm Soap

Denise O’Brien glass star

The Cottage of Herbs dip


Mountain Man…..$28

Mountain Man

Church View Farm soap

Black Gold Coal shot glass

J. Q. Dickenson Salt

Gourmet Central BBQ sauce


Cookin' in the Mountain State     $26

Cookin’ in the Mountain State $26

 Cookin’ in the Mountain  State

Hot Dogs from Almost Heaven

J. Q. Dickenson Salt

Gourmet Central food

The Cottage of Herbs dip


John Brown     $36

John Brown $36

John Brown

Harpers Ferry Notecards


Christmas Ornament

Tile Magnet


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