Spring Has Sprung!

What makes Spring – Spring?

Spring is one of the four temperate seasons, the transition period between winter and summer.  In the USA and some other regions in the Northern Hemisphere, the astronomical vernal equinox (currently around March 21st) is often taken to mark the first day of spring. In spring, the axis of the Earth is increasing its tilt toward the Sun and the length of daylight rapidly increases for the relevant hemisphere. The hemisphere begins to warm significantly causing new plant growth to “spring forth,” giving the season its name.

Now….what does this scientific jargon REALLY mean? It means that worms begin to emerge from the earth, ladybugs land on screen doors, green buds appear, birds chirp, and flowers begin to bloom.  It means it’s time to get that barbecue grill ready…..give yourself a pedicure to get those toes ready for flip flops (yes, you guys also!)……and pack away those dark long sleeved shirts and pull out those pretty pastel t-shirts.

And…..time to stock up on the cute SPRING earrings!  You know…the kind that make you feel happy!

Sienna Sky – jewelry you LOVE to wear!

Sienna Sky is fun, casual jewelry that is comfortable to wear and handcrafted to last. Each piece is carefully designed by Colorado artist, Barbara MacCambridge to capture her love of animals and nature. You’ll also find many other designs that reflect her appreciation for the whimsical and fun to wear.

Now – buy some new earrings…..get that bike out….go for a ride and enjoy the beauty that can only be SPRING!  Click here to view our collection and use coupon code SIENNA20 to receive 20% off all Barbara MacCambridge/Sienna Sky earrings through April 2!

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