Shop Local – Shop Small – Avoid the Mall!

Shop local in Harpers Ferry

Well?  Are you going to do it?????  You know……well, are you going to????

Cause I did it last year……and I hear even MORE people are going to do it this year!

It’s ALL the rage you know!  and…….it is easy!

SHOP LOCAL!  Yes, it is that easy….that simple!  You may have started  your holiday gift shopping….or maybe you haven’t ……or maybe you are thinking about it!

So……this is it…..your chance…….your time…….to support your local businesses!  Did you know – that for every $100 spent at a locally owned store $68 goes back to the community?  Really!

Personally – I am getting really tired of all the political ads.  I want the power…..I want to feel like what I do can make a difference.  And… a local retailer……I know that when folks shop local – it DOES make a difference!  If everyone just did a LITTLE – it would mean a LOT!

So…..when you are thinking about your gift list – let’s just say for every two gifts you buy at a “big box” store……you buy ONE at your local retailer!

Do you like to give Gift Certificates to restaurants? Instead of heading down to the nearest chain place – go to one of your locally owned eateries!

You say parking is a problem?  REALLY?  When you park at the mall, then walk to the mall, then all through the mall – is that really more than if you parked in your town and walked to local shops?

Prices are higher you say??  Honestly???????  Have you really checked – or do you just “think” that because the local shops don’t buy in mass quantities from distributors who purchase things made in countries where they think working in a sweat shop and paying crap wages is ok?

Come on…….convenience isn’t everything…….do your part – support your local businesses……don’t sit there and complain about politicians and what they do or don’t do…….YOU can make a difference – however small it is…..


And I promise you – everyone will Jump for Joy!

Shop Local and jump for joy
















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