Check Out What is Right in Your Own Backyard!

Check out what is right in your own backyard!

So much to see and do!

When was the last time you took a trip to some unique area right in your “own backyard?”  So often we think that a “vacation” has to be miles and miles away……when we overlook charming spots that are just a short distance from our home.  Years ago, soon after we moved to Marietta, OH – we took a day trip to the historic village of Zoar, about 1 1/2 hours from where we lived.   When I mentioned it to my friends – none of them had been there. We talked about how we often trade interesting, local attractions for long trips to places unknown!

So….for those of you within an easy drive of our charming little town of Harpers Ferry – I must ask you, “When was the last time you were here?”  There is always something to do in HF…..walks by the river, refreshing your knowledge of history, hiking to Maryland Heights, ghost tours or SHOPPING (of course!) Some people complain about the parking – or lack thereof – but how much of a problem is it REALLY?  You can park and ride the shuttle in to town – and your entrance fee goes to support one of our national treasures!  Or…..there is limited parking in town….and on the weekends you only pay the entrance fee IF you are going to go to the park buildings.  Shopping and dining – you don’t pay the fee.

SO – the next time you are wondering – “What should we do this weekend?”  Why not look in your “own backyard?

Introducing Patricia Krupo

Our Artist of the Month!

A couple of years ago, Patricia and her charming husband Max stopped in The VL with a box ofher beautiful glass creations.  When we found out she lived here we were SO happy!! We love showcasing American artists…..and especially local artists!  In her home studio, Patricia creates functional and fun glass art using specialty glasses.  She loves to work with millefiori, enamels and glass powders.  The VL carries a wide array of her creations – stunning jewelry (shown above), glass landscapes, unique bowls, and Harpers Ferry glass post cards!  The VL is very proud to carry such beautiful creations from a Harpers Ferry artist……ummmmmm, isn’t is amazing what you find in your “own backyard?”

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