An Interview with the Manager of The Vintage Lady!

Behind every good shop owner – is a GREAT manager!  So……you know The VL….and her MAN……now we thought we would let you meet the MANAGER – Crystal Grimsley!Manager of The Vintage Lady in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

Interviewer:  Hello Crystal – why don’t you start by telling us a little about yourself?

Crystal:  I love my job!

Interviewer:  That’s great…..we love that you love your job!  Why don’t you tell us more… have a son…..

Crystal:  Yes, his name is Braydon and he will be 4 in December – and he loves that I love my job!

Interviewer:  Ok…..well, that’s wonderful.

Interviewer:  You moved here from Florida – right?

Crystal:  Yes, so that I could find a job that I love – and I did…..I love my job!

Interviewer:  Yes…..we understand that……what are the favorite parts of your job?

Crystal:  Well, there is just no way I could choose my favorite – I love my job!

Interviewer:  Uhhhhh, OK……so what are some things you enjoying doing in your free time?


Maryland Renissance Festival Crystal:  Well, I love my job you know…….and I do like going to the Renaissance Festival…….but I love my job more!

Interviewer:  Right….got it… about working in Harpers Ferry – what is that like?

Crystal:  I LOVE working  Harpers Ferry……because that is where my job is that I love……cause you know, I love my job!

Interviewer:  Yes, Crystal……(internal scream) you love your job!  But…..could you tell us some things you LOVE about your job that you LOVE so much?

Crystal:  Well, I love how we feature items Handmade in America.  It is so important to support items made in the USA and our local crafts people.  We feature so many amazing items – many made right here in West Virginia.  I love how we are always getting new items in – keeping things fresh!  I love how we are always finding new artists to carry…..and meeting new customers who really become friends.  I love the variety of things we carry…….amazing jewelry, West Virgina glass, handmade soaps, delicious food items like my personal favorite, Ramp Mustard……a lot of interesting boks …….and unique Harpers Ferry souvenirs.  Really – with all this, how could I not LOVE my job?  And – besides, I work for two GREAT people!

Interviewer:  Well, Crystal – I guess you are right…….with all that it is easy to see why…..

Crystal:  I  LOVE my job!




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